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Battery Life Saver For Android

Saves your phone battery

AMS Battery Life Saver relieves you from worry of your mobile phone battery life! It also boosts free memory in your mobile phone. Try this app for free for several days. You deserve a prolonged battery!

No need for even one-tap optimizer. Battery Life Saver automatically kills apps that keep running in background unnecessarily and consume battery and processing power (optionals setting).

Battery Life Saver gives you premium ON/OFF switches, you can use to quickly switch on/off certain features to save battery life.

Battery Life Saver comes with built-in battery saving profiles. You can also create your own battery saving profiles. A battery saving profile is a group of settings to switch on/off certain features - all at once.

Battery Life Saver allows you to activate certain battery saving profiles at fix schedule. For example you can schedule a battery saving profile to be activated when you go to sleep at night.

Battery Life Saver includes a special battery saving profile called Sleep. This profile switches off everything except Clock app (for morning alarm). So very little battery power is used when this battery saving profile is activated. You can activate this battery saving profile at night when you go to bed. You can set the morning alarm time, when you would like to deactivate Sleep profile and switch back to recent profile.

Battery Life Saver also monitors your phone to note, which apps or phone features consume most battery and processing power. Battery Life Saver also reports, which apps consume most LCD display time, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G internet.

Battery Life Saver shows remaining battery power in notification/status bar and it also tells you, how long will your battery can last without charging. When you start charging your mobile phone, Battery Life Saver shows how much time it will take to fully charge the battery.

Battery Life Saver can also remind you when remaining battery power falls below a limit that you can set.

Battery Life Saver is available in following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Chinese (Simplified)

Battery Life Saver app has an option to contact customer support. Please use that option if you need help.

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